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Additional funding announced for R100 North and South Lots

An additional £36 million in funding for R100 North and South contracts has been announced. This will bring access to gigabit-capable speeds to another 2,637 properties across Scotland.

R100 subsea deployment

During summer 2022, vessels will lay 16 subsea cables connecting 15 Scottish islands to superfast broadband as part of the R100 North contract. Learn more about the vessels, the route and the deployment...

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When will there be 100% coverage for everyone?

The Reaching 100% (R100) programme builds on the success of the DSSB programme. The 100% target will be met as a result of three strands of activity - the R100 contracts, our R100 Scottish Broadband Voucher Scheme and continued commercial coverage.

The contracts we have signed with BT go beyond our superfast commitment by providing a significant amount of gigabit capable (or fibre to the premises) connections.

The fact that much of the technology delivered will go beyond our original commitment means that the engineering works will take time.

The story so far

The DSSB programme brought access to fibre broadband to more than 950,000 homes and businesses across Scotland so far. Over 95% of premises in Scotland can now benefit from faster speeds, supporting businesses, healthcare and learning and connecting families, friends and communities. Without DSSB only around 66%, and in some areas less than 30%, of premises would have had fibre access.

The programme was a tremendous success, helping to cement Scotland’s digital future, and the infrastructure that has been built will provide high-quality connectivity in Scotland and an outstanding platform for the next stage of the superfast journey — towards reaching 100%.

DSSB has been estimated to deliver over £2.76 billion over 15 years for the Scottish economy with every £1 of public funding being expected to deliver £12 of benefits to the Scottish economy.

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